Health Startup Europe

healthstartupeuropelogoSupporting digital health startups in Europe

Visit Health Startup online! The health sectors are ripe for technology-driven change. The internet and related technology trends are enabling new business models and services, they are empowering consumers-patients to take a far more proactive role in taking care of their own health, and they are improving the way healthcare is practiced and organized. We think there is tremendous potential currently to create exciting new health services and to radically improve the quality, efficiency and accessibility of healthcare. That’s why we’re supporting digital health startups in Europe.

Our goal is to create a more hospitable environment for health startups by creating connections between the burgeoning digital startups scene and the health sectors. To that end we’re organizing a series of events in various European cities, bringing together entrepreneurs, health care professionals, policy makers and investors. In support of our events we’re tracking emerging trends in digital health and developing an extensive network of healthcare experts and decision makers in Europe and further afield.

HealthStartup Europe is an initiative by three entrepreneurs: Bart, Leo & Frank. Together with our partners, we’re excited about the future of health care!  Feel free to contact us!