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Hackathons, or Hackfests, used to be the domain of coding geeks getting together to show off their talents. Whilst that remains the essential heart of the hackathon businesses are increasingly realising their worth too – and grasping the opportunity with both hands.

Apple, Facebook and Google are just a few of the companies that have opened up their ecosystems and essentially outsourced innovation to the masses and have hundreds of thousands of developers and others building products for them on spec. These massive developer communities are helping them truly innovate.

But through Hackathons the same potential is open to you too since a hackathon is but a microcosm of that scenario. Getting involved in sponsoring a hackathon allows you to bring your SDKs and APIs for third party creative and developer minds to look at through a new lens. Chuck in a few great prizes to help inspire their thinking and the result could be new ideas that your own R&D teams may never even have dreamt of. The big boys like Apple and Facebook have shown it is the way of the future. Facebook’s own ‘like’ button for example came from a hackathon. Now with The Hackfest we are bringing that future to you.

Forget hacking the Pentagon or MI6 this is hacking for good and for innovation. It is the chance for creatives, developers, coders, and entrepreneurs to get together, get creative and get to build cool stuff. It really is that simple.

When we organise a hackathon on your behalf we give the developers and creatives involved the APIs, SDKs and data supplied by you and challenge them with your briefs to code/design/engineer/make and break for 48 hours, building their own prototype solutions or ideas which could provide the innovation of the future that you are looking for.

It's very simple. We love what we do. And more importantly...



So team up with The Hackfest!

The Hackfest is always looking to encourage creativity and innovation within new arenas. If you are interested in becoming a Hackfest partner get in touch with us to explore synergy and opportunities.

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