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Announcing the winners of the Hackfest San Francisco 2014

Hackfest returned to San Francisco at the beginning of this month for 2 days of hard-core coding with a range of exciting APIs and SDKs to play with. After coding all day at the Moscone Center West on day 1, hackers continued working on their projects at the official networking party and beyond - with some attendees getting only a few hours sleep as they worked on their creations ready for the day 2 presentations.

Our panel of judges, which included experts from Disney, American Airlines, Mitsubishi and 2013 reigning champions, Reincloud, were impressed with all of the submissions and the high quality of entries given the time constraints. Some of the highlights included entries that combined APIs, and brought in other technologies such as augmented reality and Google Glass.

Here’s a list of this year’s winners and their prizes:

Overall TV Hackfest winner:
Learn TV

Overall Apps Hackfest winner:

Nexmo brief:
Winners of best use of Nexmo APIs
Reach Out
Winners of best productivity app using the Nexmo API
Android Back up

Bitcasa brief:
Winner of best ‘Bitcasa it’ app
Android Back up

NDEV brief:
Winner of best entry for NDEV’s brief:
Reach Out

Winner of best built app with Enyo:
Bet TV

Winner of best entry for LG brief:
Learn TV
Special mention:

Smart TV Alliance:
Winner of best entry to Smart TV Alliance brief:
Up and Down

Winner of best entry for Alphonso brief:
Like TV

Winners of most innovative use of Zencoder API and most amazing use of video.js:
Reel Reactions
Thumbnail Curve

Winners of best response to the Gracenote brief:
TV through the looking glass
Thumbnail Curve
Gracenote Powered 3D

Special mention:
Mad Tags

Winner of best use of Zeebox APIs:

Congratulations to all our winners, we’ll be catching up with them over the next year on their Hackfest experiences and what has happened to their projects since winning.