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Learn.TV Wins TV Hackfest San Francisco 2014

The Hackfest returned to San Francisco at the beginning of this month for 2 days of hard-core coding with a range of exciting APIs and SDKs to play with. After coding all day at the Moscone Center West on day one, hackers continued working on their projects at the official networking party and beyond - with some attendees getting only a few hours sleep as they worked on their creations ready for the day two presentations.

For more details on the event see Gracenote's Developer Blog here.

Learn.TV took the top title at TV Hackfest 2014 in San Francisco this year with a winning app that, in essence, was simple but effective, capturing the jury with an almost unanimous vote. Using the Gracenote, zeebox and Enyo APIs, the team, in less than two days, built an app for parents to control and gamify their children’s TV by allowing them to build a profile of the kids then giving them a balance (credits) for them to watch TV while pushing them to earn more credits by completing educational tasks to gain more TV watching time.

Joaquin Delgado Ph.D. - Head Of Ad Tech and Engineering at Intel Media headed the team and explained the essence of the application in their short pitch:

- Kids have a balance to play games or watch something
- So when they pick on his show, he does not have enough coins
- So he has to go back and earn the coins
- Going through a series of education material earns coins/badges
- Allows child to then view the material
- Account balance goes up after that

In the backend, parents can see what the children have done and also they may add things to their watch list. The question answered was... Is TV smart?