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Coding all night at the Enterprise Apps Hackfest

The team from Golgi came down to the Enterprise Apps Hackfest last week, we caught up with Ian Harris from the team to hear all about their hackfest experience which ended in them winning second prize for the SendGrid brief.

"The Entreprise Apps World Hackathon London 2014 was held last week. The hackathon organised by the wonderful Hackfest team challenged participants to develop applications using either the Progress Rollbase or SendGrid products. Of course this was an event the Golgi crew just couldn’t miss. Brian, Aidan and I travelled to the event to put our skills to the test. There was stiff competition with a number of teams all vying for a prize.

Our team chose to develop an application and server that used the SendGrid service. Natter would be a mobile chat application that leveraged the ubiquity of SMTP. Messages would be sent from the application to the server using our own Golgi SDK. The Golgi SDK allowed us to quickly accelerate past the complex stage of mobile to server communication development and focus on the rest of the code. Perfect for a hackathon. From our server the messages were then forwarded to the destination e-mail address using SendGrid's Java API.

The gauntlet was thrown down. We would need an iOS and Android app as well as a Java server side component. Clearly it was a good thing that three members of our team could attend the hackathon. And thus began two furious days of programming. We coded in the morning, we coded in the afternoon and until our hotel fell through at the last minute, we had planned to code in the evening too. But we were undeterred. Coding in the evening simply became coding at night - once we had arranged another hotel of course. We even made use of a mobile coding station that transported us between our hotel and the Hackathon!


In the end the Golgi team managed to grab second place in the SendGrid side of the competition. A great result for our very first hackathon. The Natter code will be available to download via Golgi’s GitHub account in the near future."

You can reach out to the Golgi team via Twitter on @Golgi_SDK or to Ian directly on @_ianharris. Don't forget Hackfest will be returning on 12-13 November tackling payments, TV and wearables!